Autoclaved Aerated concrete. (AAC)

AAC is a strong, versatile, high performance building product made from Autoclaved Aerated Concrete. 


We have over 30 years of experience meaning you can be assured you are getting a high quality product installation with the technical expertise to back it up.

Available in blocks and panels, AAC is easy to handle, quick to build with, and better to live in.

AAC panels contain anti-corrosion steel reinforcement for added strength and are available in a range of lengths for applications including walls, floors and external cladding.

AAC History :

AAC was developed over 85 years ago by Swedish architect Johan Axel Ericksson and is now being produced in more than 300+ factories around the world.


  AAC is made from fine ground silica sand, Portland cement, lime, water and aluminum powder as an expansion agent.  The production process is very carefully monitored to insure a controlled consistency in the proportions and timing of all ingredients that are used in each batch.  The materials are first mixed into a slurry and then poured into large molds where the expansion agent reacts with the alkalis in the cement and lime to produce millions of small hydrogen gas bubbles.  The mix expands and rises almost 2 times its initial volume. The hydrogen evaporates and the ‘cake’ sets up and hardens into a stable closed cell matrix which can then be precision wire-cut into blocks or panels.  The green aerated concrete is then steam cured in a pressurized autoclave for about 12-14 hours where upon it undergoes a second chemical reaction and transforms into the mineral Tobermorite or calcium silicate hydrate. The finished materials are palletized, wrapped and delivered by truck to the job site.

5 reasons why AAC homes are better to live in

Over the past two decades, AAC has built a reputation as being one of the best building products on the market, providing many benefits to homeowners. But what makes AAC homes better to live in? Let’s dive in and discover the benefits!

It can reduce your energy usage

If you’ve felt your blood pressure go through the roof after opening an electricity bill recently, you’re among the millions of Americans who are experiencing the negative impact of increased energy prices.

However, the silver lining to this issue is that people are now doing more research into building products that can reduce their reliance on cooling and heating. This has seen homeowners choose products, like AAC panels, that have excellent insulation properties, allowing them to feel comfortable all year round without it costing a small fortune.

Stands the test of time

AAC has been manufactured with durability in mind. AAC panels contain steel reinforcement for added strength, and this steel also has an anti-corrosion layer, ensuring your home is built to last.

A quiet, peaceful home

The use of AAC for external walls can reduce noise from outside sources like traffic or neighbours who like midnight sessions of karaoke a little too much. What a lot of people also don’t realise is that AAC Floor can also be used on the upper floors of homes, limiting the amount of sound transference between levels.

Better for the environment

Nowadays people are more conscious of their environmental footprint and are now exploring non-traditional materials to build more eco-friendly homes.

AAC aligns with this trend, because it uses less-embodied energy, produces fewer greenhouse gases and has a lower environmental impact, making it a very sustainable building material.

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